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The importance of investing in your dream home

von María José García Garrido

How does your dream home look like?

I am asking you this question now when we are all in lockdown due to the global pandemic caused by Coronavirus. A critical health situation that obliges us to stay home in our fight against the virus.

It is true that our life’s have changed from one day to the other. We now have more quality time to enjoy our homes. To create new workplaces for those who are working from their home offices or to find our personal place on our terraces from where we can enjoy views to the sea or the countryside.

Can you now imagine how important it is to choose well your home?

Your life project is unique. The current days invite us to think. We have gained a lot of time, time we were missing in “our previous life’s”.

There is no doubt that Covid-19 will generate a before and after in our lifestyles and our personal and professional relationships.

How are you facing these personal and professional changes?

My team and myself have adapted to work from home and we are giving our clients the usual service. In this respect, we didn’t have to make too many efforts or a big investment in digital tools as we have been working with this system for a few years already.

We have the necessary tools to defend unconditionally your interests without the need of leaving your home.

Big investments require time and a quality legal advice

A big investment requires time to think and now is a good moment to take advantage of the various time and calmness our homes offer us.

Investing in the house of your dreams is not only about finding a place that is in balance with your lifestyle. It is also about feeling security and calmness by having an excellent legal service. Having a professional team around you that represents you in every real estate transaction and for reviewing the legality and documents.

Selecting a professional and high qualified legal representative for the purchase of a property at the Costa Blanca is an extra value our clients are thankful for.

I am sending you this article/mail for encouragement. I wanted to transmit my personal view of our current reality because I think that the ones with an open mind and the power of seeing and searching opportunities, will be reinforced after this situation. I want the best for you.

Moreover, all indicates that once this situation is over, the prices of the real estate market will drop. I am, therefore, convinced that now is good moment to make decisions and receive a correct advice.

I hope that you and your families and friends are well. It will all end and we will be renewed.

In the next couple of days, I will be sharing more contrasted and precise news on our blog regarding the legal consequences of the general lockdown on the real estate market.

Please feel free to contact me for any inquiry or worry you may have.

See you soon.

With a lot of love.


María José García Garrido
Abogada (Spanische Anwältin)


Kanzlei García-Garrido
Avda. del Pla 130, 1º piso, oficina 1.05
E-03730 Jávea (Prov. Alicante)
Tel. 0034 96 646 08 58
Tel. 0034 96 646 08 59
E.Mail: javea@garciagarrido.com
Internet: www.garciagarrido.com

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Kommentar von Peter Scheller |

There is a big problem now for foreigners to buy property in Spain or anywhere else outside of their home country. As long as we do not know when we will be allowed to travel freely again nobody will buy houses. The regulatory framework for travels will also be of major importance (mandatory vaccinatio which many people will oppose, immunity passes etc.). Therefore Spanish politics have to explain how it wants to handle this in the future.

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