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How does your dream home look like?

How does your dream home look like?

I am asking you this question now when we are all in lockdown due to the global pandemic caused by Coronavirus. A critical health situation that obliges us to stay home in our fight against the virus.

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Are you interested in renting one or more of your properties at the Costa Blanca for vacation purposes?

What must I do?

The Administration of the Valencian Community asks all the landlords, whether they are residents or non-residents, to register their property or properties subject to the holiday rental at the “Registro de Alquileres Turisticos of the Comunitat Valenciana ", in order to obtain a registration number. In the case of non-compliance of this obligation, the landlord will be penalized with high fines.

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Concordance between the Catastro Registry and the Land Registry

Today we will speak about a current matter, a matter that is very important in relation to purchases and sales of properties in Spain because it can complicate the issue and frustrate the whole operation.